Midland's Emerson ACes
Currie Fastpitch Softball Diamond
Emerson Park 
Midland, Michigan
Men's Major Fastpitch Team

Emerson ACes
This Men's open fastpitch softball team is beginning its first season in 2013.  Midland's Emerson ACes will comprise of many of the area's local talent.  This exciting team will promote fast pitch softball within the area and provide an avenue for local talent to compete at the open level.  Midland has long been known for its successes in sports.  Emerson ACes will continue with that tradition through its commitment to representing our community in the softball world.  We will recognize and support today's young talented athletes by providing a local team/program that will continue to develop the young adult and softball player.  

The team name - Emerson ACes - was derived from a desire to recognize the importance of Emerson Park as well as the origins of men's fastpitch softball to the Midland area in the former Dow AC's.  The team wanted to create a new identity while paying tribute to the cornerstones of Midland fastpitch softball.  

This first year team will consist of many recognizable names to the Midland community.  Many have, or continue to have and excel in the community and sports.  This will be an exciting style of softball that all sports enthusiasts will enjoy.  

We invite you to follow us on FaceBook or through updates at this site.  You will find this team one that you'll want to continue to be a part of.  

We look forward to seeing you this summer.
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Congrats to Justin Krenzke for being awarded 
"Outstanding Hitter' in the Marquardt Invitational in Petoskey, MI.  7/5/2013
7-14 .500 avg.
ISC II Champions 2013-Emerson ACes
Congrats to Gonzalo Ojeda  
 2nd team ALL world 2014 infielder
Congrats to Justin Krenzke  
2nd team ALL American 2014
Congrats to Francisco Lombardo
1st team ALL American 2014
Congrats to Shea Bryant
1st team ALL American 2014
Congrats to Sisko Sabate
2nd team ALL world 2014 pitcher
Congrats to Kyle Crawford pitcher
2nd team ALL American 2014
2014 ASA